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Make sure you remove any existing virus protection products such as McAfee, Norton, Kaspereky or Avast before you install AVG


This can be done via Control Panel > Programs & Features (Uninstall a Program) or Settings > Apps > Apps & features



If you are reinstalling AVG due to a problem with existing installation as advised by PC Assist then you DO NOT need to uninstall existing version first



Click the button below to start the download of AVG Internet Security





The next step depends on what internet browser you use and the animation below will automatically show the steps that are relevant to the browser you are currently using


N.B. If for some reason it is not showing the correct browser you can click where is says click to change at bottom and manually select the correct




You will then see the following screen whilst AVG downloads the files required and prepares for installation





When all the files have downloaded you will see the following screen - click Install to proceed with the installation


You may if you wish untick the option to install Google Chrome web browser - but I would highly recommend using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer or Edge





AVG will now install and the installation progress will be shown down the bottom right corner (as per image shown below)


If you are reinstalling to fix a problem or to upgrade an older version of AVG Internet Security then you may be prompted during this stage to restart your computer, once restarted the installation process will automatically continue




Once the installation is complete the above progress dialog will disappear


If your computer requires a restart to complete installation then you will see the screen below - click Restart computer





AVG is now installed - if the AVG interface doesn't open automatically then you can open it via the icon on your desktop (first image below) or via the icon on the taskbar (second image below) - N.B. sometimes you need to click the upward arrow as circled in red to see all the icons available on the taskbar





If this is a new installation then you will need to enter your activation code - this can be done by following instructions here


N.B. If this is an upgrade (or you are reinstalling to fix a problem) then it usually remembers your previous activation so you don't need to enter code again





You can turn off advertising messages and pop-ups relating to other products which AVG sell (and you don't need!) by following steps on bottom of page here


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