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When you renew AVG, either directly with AVG or via myself, you will receive an email containing a new activation code


To enter this new code into your existing installation of AVG follow these steps:-


1)  Firstly open the AVG main interface by double clicking the icon near the clock (if the icon is not appearing then click the up arrow as circled below to see the AVG icon)


The AVG main interface can also be opened using the icon located on the desktop or start menu




2)  Click Menu in the top right corner (as shown circled in red below)


N.B. If your AVG looks different than the image below then you need to make sure it is update to the latest version first by following the steps here, or to just enter the new license for now click My AVG > My Subscription > Enter a valid activation code




3) Click Enter activation code (as shown circled in red below)




4)  Type (or copy/paste) the new activation code into the box and then click the green Enter button to apply it


Occasionally you may get a pop-up at this point where you need to enter your name, email address and post code - if so enter required details and click Continue






6)  It will then confirm your subscription and show the new expiry date - click Continue to proceed


N.B. If your subscription is for multiple computers then it may appear as per second image below - again click Continue to proceed






7)  AVG Internet Security has now been reactivated for the period of your new license (1 or 2 years)


You may now see a prompt asking you to update your product click the Update button and follow any prompts, this will download and install the latest version for you


You may also need to restart your computer for the new licence (and update) to fully take affect


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