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Desktop and Desktop Icons

This is the main desktop area which contains an icon for your Recycle Bin (and optionally icons for your personal files, computer and network), you can also create shortcuts to your favorites programs or documents


Start Menu

Click here to display the start menu - more details here



Display the search panel where you can search you files and the web - more details here



Access to Cortana personal assistant - more details here


Task View

This icon when clicked shows all open programs and allow you to easily switch between them - more details here. It also gives you access to the Timeline feature which shows what documents and web pages you have been working on or viewing over the last few weeks or months allowing you to quickly find and resume what you were doing previously - more details here


Taskbar Shortcuts

Shortcuts to your favorites programs such as File Explorer, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Store etc - you can also add your own shortcuts here if required



Shows running applications and allows you to switch between them by clicking on the relevant icon



Allows you to pin your favorite people (contacts) to your taskbar so you can quickly access them to send an email, start a skype conversation or to interact with them using other supported apps


Thumbnail Preview

Hover over any minimized or pinned programs on your taskbar to get a thumbnail preview of that window, makes it easier to switch between applications and choose the windows you want active


Notification Area

Shows system icons for network connections, battery level, audio volume etc as well as the new notifications center which shows warnings, update information, reminders, new email alerts etc - more details here


Show Desktop

Click right at the end of the taskbar to minimize all open programs and show the desktop


Taskbar Options


Taskbar settings can be changed by right mouse clicking on an empty area of the taskbar - the menu shown below will appear where you can choose how the Cortana (search box) is shown and whether to show the Task View and touch keyboard buttons.






To see further settings right mouse click on an empty area of the taskbar and choose Taskbar settings.




The settings app will then open and show the Taskbar section where you change settings relating to how items are shown on the taskbar, the taskbar location, what icons are shown in the notification area and more




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