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This shows the currently logged in user and allows you to change your account settings, sign out or lock your computer



This opens the settings screen which is explained in more detail here



This icon allows you to Shut down, Restart, Hibernate or Sleep your computer



By default this shows shortcuts to your Documents and Pictures folders, you can right click here and choose 'Personalize this list' to add or change what is shown e.g. Videos, Settings, Downloads, Music, Network


All Apps / Pinned Tiles


These icons switch between the default Pinned tiles view (as shown in first image above) or the All apps view (second image)


You can display the All apps beside the Pinned tiles if you prefer - see guide below



Start Menu Tiles

This is the main area of the start menu where you can pin tiles (icons) for your favorite programs for quick access



Start Menu Search Pane

You can easily search for items on the Start Menu simply by starting to type a word whilst the start menu is displayed - a search pane then open showing possible results and more detailed information and links for any apps which match the search term


For example in image below I typed google, so it is showing me some common searches suggestions, as well as showing me Google Chrome as the suggested app, along with recent sites I have opened


You can change your search to look for specific areas by changing it from All to either Apps. Documents, Email, Web or More at top of the pane




Customizing the Start Menu

The Start Menu can be customized in several ways:-




You can resize the start menu by moving the mouse to the outside edges - the cursor will then change as shown below and you can then click the mouse and drag it larger or smaller as required




Rearrange Tiles


You can move any of the tiles on the start menu by clicking on them with the left mouse button (or your finger if using a tablet/touchscreen) and dragging them to the desired location






You can group the tiles on your Start menu into folders. Drag one tile on top of another, this then groups them together in a single tile folder, when you click on the folder it expands to show the contents.  Clicking the arrow will close the folder again




Deleting Tiles


You can delete a tile by right mouse clicking on it and choosing Unpin from Start - or on a tablet/touchscreen by tapping and holding the icon, an icon then appears in top right corner of tile which you can tap to delete it




Resizing Tiles


The start menu tiles can be resized by right mouse clicking (or by tapping and holding on a tablet) and choosing Resize from the menu





Name Group


All the icons (tiles) can be arranged into groups by dragging them (as above) and then you can name each group by moving the mouse pointer above a group and clicking Name group, or by tapping above a group if using a tablet/touchscreen




Showing the App List


If you want to show your pinned apps and the apps list side by side then you can turn on the Show app list in Start menu option in Settings > Personalisation > Start










Other options


Various other settings such as whether to show most used and recently added apps, and what folders appear can be changed by clicking Start > Settings > Personalization > Start




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