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When you launch eM Client for the first time it will go through the following steps


Firstly choose which theme you wish to use for eM Client and then click Next - this can always be changed later in the settings






If you already have an email program such as Windows Live Mail or Outlook installed then you will be given the option to import your existing emails and account settings into eM Client


If you wish to import from an existing program then select the program and click Next to proceed


If you don't wish to import then select Skip Import and then click Next to proceed - you can then skip to the Mail Account Setup section to manually setup your email account(s)






The next screen will confirm which accounts you wish to import - make sure the account(s) you wish to import are ticked and then click on Finish





You may then see the screen below - this indicates that eM Client has found better configuration settings for your account and gives you the chance to keep existing settings or change to the improved settings - this is usually when it detects your are using the outdated POP3 system to access your emails and offers to change it the much improved IMAP system


Choose Change (recommended) or Keep and then click Finish to proceed






Once the import has been completed you will see the dialog box below - click on Ok to proceed




The main eM Client window will now open and you may be prompted to confirm the password for the email account you have just imported


Enter your password in the box, click Save password so you are not asked to enter the password every time you use eM Client, and then click Ok






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