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The Windows Terminal is new for Windows 11, it combines the Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell consoles / shells and more into one easy to use multi-tabbed interface.


Accessing Windows Terminal


You can access Windows Terminal by clicking the icon on the Start Menu under All apps.




or by right clicking on the Start Menu icon.






or via the Run dialog box.




Windows Terminal Overview





Open a new tab


Click here to open a new tab of chosen default shell - N.B. Default is PowerShell but this can be changed in settings


You can run multiple shells at once in the tabbed interface



Choose shell


Choose which shell you wish to open - PowerShell, Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell or Azure Cloud Shell


You can also access Settings where you can choose your default shell, and Command Palette which shows a list of available commands and the related shortcut keys



Command Window

This is the main window where you enter commands you wish to run in your chosen shell


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