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Do you get fed up having to enter your Windows password every time your Windows 8 computer wakes up from sleep, or resumes from hibernate?


If so then this is how you can disable it:-


1)  Right mouse click on the Start Button



rightmouseclick + win8_sleep_password1


2)  Choose Power Options from the menu that appears




3)  Click Require a password on wake-up in the left hand pane (as shown below)




4)  Half way down the page you will see the option Don't require a password, choosing this will disable Windows 8 from asking for a password each time your PC wakes


If the option is not available (i.e. grayed out so you can't click on it) then click Change settings that are currently unavailable at the top of the screen and you will now be able to change the setting




5)  Finally click on Save changes, and then close the Power Options window


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