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Widgets are a group of small apps, quickly accessible directly from the Windows 11 taskbar and designed to provide at-a-glance information about news, weather, sports, stocks etc.


The widgets panel can be customized to only show the widgets you want.

Accessing Widgets


To open Widgets click the icon on the taskbar.


N.B. Depending on the version of Windows 11 this icon will either be located down the bottom left hand corner of the screen, or it will appear bottom centre next to the other taskbar icons.




Depending on which widgets you have enabled it may also appear as an icon showing the current weather forecast.






The Widgets panel will then slide out from the side of the screen.


Widgets Overview




You can click the Add widgets button to add additional widgets.



Which will display the following screen where you can click the + button to add chosen widgets.




You can click the menu icon in the corner of existing widgets to Remove, Customize or to change the size.


You can also rearrange the widgets by dragging them around.




Touch Control


Below are for touch screen enabled devices and can also be used on some laptops with touchpads which support gestures:-


Swipe in from the left to open Widgets.


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