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Windows 11 allows you to create multiple 'virtual' desktops each with different customization so you can easily separate personal and work usage of your computer.


You can manage your desktops by clicking the Desktops icon on the Taskbar.




or by pressing.


068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 028_Tab_Win_Black


You will then see the Desktops view screen as shown below where you can click the + icon to add a new desktop.


Or click on one of the existing desktop to quickly switch to it.




You can right click on any of the desktops shown to display a context menu where you can Rename, Move left, Move right, Choose background or Close (delete) a desktop.






You can also move apps from one desktop to another or choose apps / windows that you wish to appear on all desktops.


Simply click the Desktops icon on the Taskbar to show the Desktops view, and then you can right click on any of the open apps to Move to another desktop or choose to Show this window on all desktops / Show windows from this app on all desktops




You can also choose to show all open apps on the Taskbar even if they are on different Desktops - then when you click on an open app in the Taskbar it will automatically switch you to the Desktop which contains it.


This can be enabled via Settings > System > Multi-tasking > Desktops > On the taskbar, show all the open windows = On all desktops.




Touch Control


Below are for touch screen enabled devices and can also be used on some laptops with touchpads which support gestures:-


Swipe left or right with four fingers to switch to another desktop.


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