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To transfer photos from your digital camera firstly connect your camera using supplied USB cable (and turn it on) or insert the camera memory card into you card reader slot


Then see the relevant section below depending on the version of Windows you are using:-


Windows 10/11


You will see the prompt below appear down the bottom right corner of the screen - click on it




You will then see the following prompt appear in the top corner asking you what action you would like to do with the camera / memory card - choose the option Import photos and videos




Windows 10/11 Photos app will then open and you will see the screen below asking you which photos you wish to import - by default all photos are selected but if you only want to import selected ones then check/uncheck as required


Click Continue to proceed



N.B. Note if the above prompts don't appear then open the Photos app from the Start Menu and click Import in the top right corner




Finally you will see the screen below confirming that you have chosen to import photo(s), confirming where they will be imported to (the default location is your Pictures folder), asking if you wish to import into a folder with the Month or Date (you can always rename the folder later), and also if you wish to delete the files from your camera / memory card once imported


After confirming your options click Import and you chosen photo(s) will automatically be transferred to your computer




Windows 7


You will then see the prompt below - choose the option Import pictures and videos



You will then see the following prompt



By default the images will be copied to your Pictures folder in a sub-folder with the date and name you chose in the Tag these pictures section shown above - if you want to change the default location or choose to automatically delete the pictures from your camera after import you can click Import settings - otherwise click Import


The progress of your images being copied will be shown and you can choose to tick the box to erase the pictures from your memory card/camera after importing



Once the images have been copied the folder will automatically be opened to show you the imported photos



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