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You can also use Windows Backup to create a complete backup of your system including Windows, all installed software and settings


This image can then be used to completely restore your computer if your hard disk fails or your computer becomes corrupt


Windows Vista / Windows 7



To create a System Image open Windows Backup by clicking Start, All Programs, Maintenance, Backup and Restore (Windows Vista & Windows 7)


In the window that appears click Create a system image





Choose where you would like to save the system image - I would recommend blank DVD's for this type of backup





Choose which drives you wish to include in your backup - normally the only ones that need to be selected are System Reserved (System) if present and (C:) (System)






Check you chosen settings and click Start backup

Follow the prompts to insert blank DVD's as required to complete the task






Finally if not already done before create a System Repair Disc (as explained in next section)

Label and store these disks in a safe place just in case you ever need to completely restore your PC



Windows 8



You can create a System Image by opening Control Panel, File History, System Image Backup (Windows 8)


In the window that appears choose where you wish to save your image i.e. hard disk or DVD - if choosing hard disk then make sure it is an external hard disk, as no point backing it up to the same internal hard drive





Choose which drives you wish to include in the backup  - the default selection of System Reserved and C: is fine




The next screen will then confirm your backup settings, and tell you approximately how much disk space will be used - click Start backup to create your system image




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