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Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons

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You may occasionally receive the message as shown below asking if you wish to speed up Internet Explorer by disabling add-ons




This message appears when IE thinks that add-ons (things such as browser toolbars) are slowing down your browser (but does have a habit of appearing even if the browser speed is okay)


If you have lots of different toolbars and add-ons installed and you are finding that Internet Explorer is running slowly, then you can click Choose add-ons


The window below will appear where you can see which add-ons are loaded and which ones are slowing you down - and then click Disable for any you don't wish to load




In most cases (unless you specifically want to disable a particular add-on) you can ignore the message for now by clicking Ask me later, or permanently by clicking on the arrow next to Ask me later and choosing Don't disable




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