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To access Windows 10/11 Mail settings click the settingsicon_win10mail icon - you will then see the following menu appear - all the important options are explained below




Manage accounts

Click here to add an email account - see here for more detailed instructions, or to remove an account


Change colour scheme and background image

Automatic replies

Configure a reply to be sent automatically to all emails received

Focused inbox

Allows you to turn off Focused inbox which is where all important mail appears in Focused folder and the rest appears in Other folder

Message list

Configure tablet swipe options, and choose whether to show preview of messages, show messages in conversation style and whether to show images

Reading pane

Choose whether to mark items as read once viewed in reading pane, and whether to automatically open next item


Create or edit the text which appears on the bottom of all emails you sent

Default Font

Choose the default font style and size for displaying your email content


Choose how you wish to be notified of new emails e.g. sound or alert banner

Email security

Settings for digitally signing and encrypting emails - only for accounts which support S/MIME

What's new

Click here to show what is new in the latest update for Windows 10/11 Mail

Outlook for Android and iOS

Takes you to a website where you can send a link to your phone to download the Outlook app


Enable diagnostic logging - for troubleshooting use only

Trust Center

Allows you to enable / disable online services such as showing locally relevant content in the app


Opens Feedback Hub tool to allow you to submit feedback on problems or usability issues


Show what version of Windows 10/11 Mail is installed


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