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Below are instructions for running Quick Assist so I can connect remotely to your computer to fix problems:-



Windows 10


Down the bottom left hand corner locate the box where it shows Type here to search (as per image below)



Type the word quick in the box (as per image below)




If you cannot see the search box shown above then click the Start button, and either type quick and go to step 2, or browse to All Apps > Windows Accessories > Quick Assist and go to step 3 below


Windows 11


Click on the Start Menu icon




Type the word quick in the search box as the top of the start menu (as per image below)




Windows 10


A menu will then appear, at the top of that menu will be Quick Assist (as shown circled in red below) - click on this icon to open the program




Windows 11


A list of programs containing the word quick will appear (as per example image below) - click on Quick Assist to open the program





In the Quick Assist windows which appears enter the code I have provided you in the box and click the Submit button





You will then briefly see a message on the screen "Connecting... Waiting for the person helping you to set up the session."


Wait for the message to go



You will now see the following screen where you need to click Allow to confirm the remote connection





After a few moments the screen will change and you will see the menu below appear at the top of the screen confirming that I am now connected





I will now request to take control and you will see the prompt below - click Allow





I now have full control of your screen, keyboard and mouse and can now complete whatever task I am doing for you remotely


You can if you wish stop me controlling your computer at any time by clicking Cancel control or you can close the remote session completely by clicking Leave





Whilst connected using Quick Assist if any User Account Control security prompts come up on the screen (as shown below) then I will need you to click Yes for me as using this remote connection method I cannot accept them remotely





If you want to ask me a question whilst I am connected then you can either text or email me if you have another device or you can click the Chat icon as shown below and type a message on screen





When I have finished working on your computer (or you have chosen to end the connection by clicking Leave as above) you will see the screen below to confirm the remote connection has now been ended - you can close this window by clicking the X in top right corner





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