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Windows 10 includes a Photos app which allows you to view, organize and perform basic editing of your photos


As per the screenshot below you can view your photos as a Collection where they are all automatically sorted into date order for you to easily navigate, you can create an Album (or view an album that has automatically been created for you based on related photos), or you can choose to view a specific Folder




You can also double click on a photo to access the editing options where you can automatically enhance your images, crop them, fix red eye, remove spots and blemishes and much more




Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) added a new feature which allows you to create your own movie using your photos and adding music, filters, titles, 3D effects etc


You start by clicking the Create button as shown circled in red below




Next select which of your photos you would like to include in your video




A video will then be created for you which you can open and configure further by changing duration each picture is shown, adding text, filters, motion and 3D effects etc




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