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Outlook Menu


Clicking here will show the following menu which allows you to switch between Mail, People (Contacts), Calendar, Tasks, OneDrive (cloud storage) and the other online Office products e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote


Click All apps to show hidden items





Settings settings for changing view, turning reading pane on/off, turning off focused inbox, setting up forwarding / automatic replies and much more



Use this box to search your mail and people (contacts)


+ New message

Click here to create a new email message



Clicking this icon will show (or hide) a list of all your mail folders such as Inbox, Sent Items, Junk Email and Deleted Items


You can also create your own folders to organize your email by clicking New folder at the bottom of the panel


Message List

This pane lists all of the emails in the selected folder


If you don't have Reading pane enabled then when clicking on chosen email you will see the first image below where you can read the email as well as reply, delete, print etc


If you have Reading pane enabled in Settings then clicking on chosen message will show a preview to the right or below your message list - see second image below



Change profile or account settings, and sign out from



Clicking here allows you to change view from showing all emails to just focusing on important emails


This feature can be turned off via Settings, scrolling down to Focused Inbox and clicking the on/off toggle


Preview Pane

A preview of the currently selected message will be shown here, along with icons to Reply, Reply All, Forward, and a menu icon (three dots) to access other functionality such as Print




Email / Calendar / People /

Files /

To Do

Use these icons to easily switch between Email, Calendar, People, File and To Do



Viewing Emails


You can view your emails in the preview pane to the right of the message list (as per 9 above) or you can double click a message in the message list (6 above) to view it in a separate window - as shown in second image below










These icons allows you to Reply to the selected email message - you can also click Reply all (which means if the email had multiple recipients you will reply to all of them at once) or Forward (so you can forward the email message onto someone else




Delete the selected message - this moves it to the Deleted items folder



Mark the selected email as Spam / Junk so that in future it will automatically be filed in your Junk Email folder


• • •

Clicking this icon will show a menu containing additional actions such as Mark Unread and Print


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