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When emailing photographs you should always bear in mind that the file size of photos taken with most modern cameras is very large, and that sending multiple photos could cause issues for the recipient - especially if they have a slow internet connection, as it will often mean they will struggle to download the email which will in turn give them problems accessing any other emails


So make sure you either resize the images using your chosen photo editing software before sending, or if using Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook use the process below which will do this for you automatically (N.B. this method will not work if using a web based email service)


Steps 1 - 4 apply for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail

Steps 1 - 7 apply for Windows Live Mail


1)  Firstly select the photos that you wish to email (N.B. to select more than one at a time hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard as you click on them)




2)  Next right mouse click on the chosen photos and select Send to > Mail recipient




3)  You will then see the following prompt - where you can choose what size to send your photos and it will show you the resulting file size - try not to send more than 2mb per email - that way you can make sure your recipient won't have any problems receiving it




4) Windows Mail/Outlook: The photos will then be added to your email, ready for you to enter recipient, subject and a message in the usual way - when ready you can click Send



5) Windows Live Mail: You will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft Account (as shown below) - if you don't have an account then click Sign Up (as shown circled in red below)


The benefit of having a Microsoft account is that you will get a OneDrive (online storage) account - and the photos will be uploaded here for your temporarily making it easier to share with family/friends etc




6)  Once you have signed in the photos will be added to your email (as shown below), ready for you to enter album title (if required), recipient, subject and a message in the usual way - when ready you can click Send


N.B. Don't worry that the images appear as square in the email, the recipient will still receive the images in the correct size/shape, this is just for preview purposes




7)  The recipient will then receive an email (example shown below) - and they can click on an individual photos to view it on the OneDrive website, they can click View Slide Show to view them all on the OneDrive website, or Download All to download all the photos to their computer





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