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Follow the instructions below to connect to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network in Windows 10:-


1)Locate and click on the network icon which is down the bottom right hand corner of your screen in the Taskbar, as shown below.




2)You will then see a screen similar to below listing all available wireless networks - click on the name of the network you would like to connect to (usually the name is shown on the back of your broadband router)




3)Tick the box to connect automatically to this network in future and then click the Connect button.




4) Enter your wireless password (network security key) and click Next to continue.




5)If you see a message asking "Do you want to allow your PC to be discoverable...." then if you are at home on your own router you can click Yes, BUT if using a public wireless network (i.e. in a cafe, airport or hotel) then you should always say No to this prompt.


6)Your connection will now show as connected, if you wish to disconnect at any point you can click the Disconnect button.




Icon Connection Status



Disconnected / No Internet


Wireless Connection


Ethernet Connection


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