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Calendar List

All of your calendars are listed here - if you have more than one calendar then you can select which one you wish to view


If you would like to create another calendar then you can right mouse click here to show context menu and choose New Calendar


You can also right click here to add public holiday dates for chosen countries to your calendar


Monthly Calendar

You can use the arrows to navigate through the months or click on a date to show appointments for that day/week



Click here to create a new calendar event, you will then see the following screen where you can enter details of the event/appointment such as time and location as well as choosing if it is a recurring event or a one off


Click Save when you have entered all the details




Calendar View

This area shows your selected calendar view and any appointments/events you have for that period


It also shows you weather forecast for the next few days


You can double click (or right click) on a time to quickly add a new appointment



You can change how the calendar is displayed using this toolbar and choose whether to show a day, week, working week or month view


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