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Open BurnAware via the icon on your desktop or from your Start Menu




You will then see the screen below where you can choose what type of Disc (CD/DVD) you wish to create, as well as options to verify the contents of a Disc, Erase a re-writable Disc and to get information on an existing Disc


Whilst the free version will do most things for personal use, if you want to copy a Disc you will need to purchase the Premium version - but at only $19.95 it is a very good tool at an inexpensive price




The steps below explain how to create a Data Disc, but the basic process of creating a Disc are the same whether it is a Data Disc or an Audio CD or an MP3 Disc


Click Data Disc




You will then see the screen below




To add files to your Disc either use the Add button in the toolbar or drag/drop files/folders onto BurnAware using File Explorer




You can also click the New folder button if you want to organize the data you are writing into folders




As you add each file or folder the information panel at the bottom shows you how much space you have left on chosen media


When you are happy with the contents for your Disc click the Burn button




You will then see the window below which shows the progress of your files being written to the Disc (CD/DVD)


When finished click the Advance button, and you can then click the X in top right corner to close BurnAware



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