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When you insert a CD/DVD or memory card, or connect a removable device such as a USB memory stick or external hard drive, you will see one of the following prompts appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen


The exact message shown will depend on the content of that device i.e. photos, music, software etc




Clicking on the prompt that appears will then give you a choice of options relating to the content found:-


If the device contains software then you will get the choice of automatically running the setup program or opening the device in File Explorer so you can browse the content


If the device contains photos or videos then you will be given the option to import them into your computer, play videos using Windows Media Player or to browse the files using File Explorer


If the device contains music then you will be given the option to play the music with Windows Media Player or to browse the files using File Explorer


Finally if the device contains multiple file types or is empty you will get the option to browse contents using File Explorer or to configure the drive to be used for backing up your files/folders




Changing AutoPlay Settings


The above settings can be modified via Devices > AutoPlay in Settings, or the Hardware and Sound > AutoPlay section in the Control Panel


Settings - From here you turn AutoPlay on or off, and choose defaults for Removable drives and Memory cards




Control Panel - From here you can choose defaults for each device and/or file type - and you can also scroll down to the bottom to reset all selections back to their defaults values




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