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To add an email account to your iPhone or iPad:


1)Open Settings


2)Select Mail (for older version of iOS this may appear as Mail,Contacts, Calendars and you would then skip to step 4)


3)Select Accounts


4)Select Add Account


5)Select Other


6)Add Mail Account


7)On this page you need to complete the following sections:


Name - Enter your name

Email - Enter your email address

Password - This is your email password


8)Next you will see the IMAP summary page, tap Save


9)From the accounts page select the new email account


10)Select Account from the IMAP list, this should show your new address


11)We need you to update your Incoming Mail Server settings, to do this select Advanced


12)Go to the Incoming Settings entries section - and set the following as advised by your ISP if different to below


Use SSL - set this to ON (green) - this can be done by sliding the button to the right, this should set the Server Port value to 993


Note - if the server port is not set to 993, select that field and change to 993


13)Select Account, this should take you back to the Account page for your email address


14)Select Done, this will save your new Mail settings. Note if your changes fail to save then go back to step 10


15)Changes are complete you can close settings

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