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If an email contains attachments (photos, documents etc) then they will appear at the top of the email (as highlighted below)




How you access these attachments depends on what type of file it is - the example above shows a picture and a document (PDF file) attached, and the various ways you can access them is covered below:-



If the attached file is a picture, video, PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel document then you can click on the document to view it online


Documents will be shown with an icon indicating the document type, whereas pictures show with a small preview thumbnail of the picture



Or you can click the arrow next to the chosen item and you will see a menu offering you the following three options:-


Preview - this will open up a full screen preview of the selected item if a photo/video - or open it in the relevant viewer/editor if a document file


Edit in Browser - For file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc you get option to edit the file in your browser


Edit in xxxx Desktop App - If you have Microsoft Office installed then for supported file types you will get option to open them here


Download - see below


Save to OneDrive - this will save the selected file to your OneDrive cloud storage



If you click the Download button then a prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen, from here you can click Save (to save the file to your documents folder) or Cancel (to abort the operation)


If you click the arrow next to Save you can choose Save as which will then prompt you to choose where you wish to save the attachment




If you have multiple attachments in the email then you can also download them all in one go by clicking the Download all button, or save them all to OneDrive in one go by clicking the Save all to OneDrive button


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