Services Offered

  • Computer Repairs
  • Virus Protection More Info
  • Virus & Spyware Removal Specialists More Info
  • Memory and Disk upgrades
  • Internet, Email & Broadband configuration
  • Wireless Networking
  • Setup of New PC's (including transfer of data)
  • Data Recovery / Backup (extra charge for media may apply)
  • & much more

Email Support

If you need some technical advice, support or just to have the reassurance there is someone to ask if it all goes wrong then email based support is right for you.

It enables you to have email access to a fully qualified computer engineer who can lend a hand and help you through those troublesome computer issues.

Easy to follow email instructions (see example here) will guide you through helping to make your computer experiences stress free, and without the huge support line costs offered by some companies.

This service also includes limited (at my discretion) remote support session time, so if a problem is easier for me to quickly fix remotely for you rather than going back and forth with email instructions then I will offer to connect remotely instead for no additional cost.

Emails are responded to 7 days a week, usually within a few minutes, both during the day and often late into the evenings.

PC Health Check

The PC Health Check involves a complete examination and evaluation of the health of your computer.

A security check will be performed to make sure your PC is not infected with viruses or spyware, and that it is running adequate virus and firewall software to protect you whilst using the internet. All relevant security patches, fixes and updates for Microsoft Windows and other important software will also be installed to protect you as much as possible.

Diagnostic tests will be performed on all hardware to make sure that all components are functioning correctly and that there are no problems with your hard disks which could lead to computer failure and/or data loss.

Your internet connection will be tested to make sure it is working correctly and that you are getting the best speed available in your area, and also if you have a wireless connection it will be checked to make sure it is secure.

Routine maintenance will also be carried out to make sure that the computer is configured correctly and is running as optimally as possible, including checking all error logs and cleaning up the accumulation of temporary files which build up over time and slow down your computer.

Critical system files are backed up during the health check which means that if a serious problem did ever occur with your computer, then it is more likely that I will be able to repair it without having to resort to completely wiping everything and reinstalling Windows and all software from scratch.

A complete easy-to-read report of all work done and any problems found will then be emailed to you (click here to see a sample report)

It is highly recommended that you consider having your PC checked at least once every 12 months, with so many cases of internet related crime it is better to make sure you are protected before you get caught out.