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Another brand new feature in Windows 8 is the Windows Store - a place to access free and paid for apps specifically designed to work with the new Windows 8 interface


If you own an Apple product or a Google phone/tablet then this is an idea you will have already seen before with the iTunes store and Google Marketplace - basically a central location where you have easy access to 1000's of apps you can use on your new computer




The store can be accessed using the above icon shown on the start screen




The first screen you see (above) shows you featured apps, new releases and the top paid and top free apps


If you right mouse click (or swipe up from bottom of screen if using a tablet) you will see a menu appear at the top of the screen (shown below) where you can view apps by categories, see a list of apps you have downloaded/purchased, and access your Microsoft account, where you can change payment method and redeem a gift card/promotional code


You can also search for a specific app using the "search for apps" box in the top right corner




The image below shows the Business category selected - you can browse through the listed apps by scrolling left/right with your finger or the scroll bar at the bottom




Once you click on your chosen app you will see the screen below where you can choose to Install/Buy the app as well as seeing an overview, detailed description and user reviews




If any of the applications you download from the Windows Store has updates available then these will be automatically installed for you


But if you wish to manually check for updates then access the Charms Bar by moving your mouse pointer to top or bottom right corner, click Settings > App updates (as shown below)





You will then see the following screen where you can click "Check for updates" - if any updates are available they will be shown and you can click to install them




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