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Due to a ruling by the EU - you may see this screen appear at some point after you restart your computer - it is to give you a choice as to which internet browser you wish to use


Click Continue and then choose your web browser(s) on the following screen by clicking Install





The browser choice screen can be accessed at any time by clicking the Browser Choice icon (as shown below) on the Start Screen




When the browser choice screen appears it will also annoyingly remove your shortcuts to Internet Explorer, that you would have had on your Start Screen and in the Taskbar


To restore these shortcuts follow these instructions:-


1)  Click the Start button to display the Start Screen


2)  If you can see the Internet Explorer icon here, then right mouse click on it and choose Pin to taskbar



3)  If the Internet Explorer icon does not appear here, then click the icon shown below (or swipe upwards if you have a tablet) to show the All Apps view



4)  Right click on the Internet Explorer icon and choose Pin to taskbar, then right click again and choose Pin to Start




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