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Below are details of some of the more useful apps included in Windows 11.


All of the below can be opened via the shortcuts which are located either on the Start Menu or under All apps on the Start Menu.




Windows 11 includes an updated Photos app which allows you to view, organize and perform basic editing of your photos.


As per the screenshot below you can view your photos as a Collection where they are all automatically sorted into date order for you to easily navigate, you can create an Album (or view an album that has automatically been created for you based on related photos), or you can choose to view a specific Folder, you can also now use facial grouping technology to sort your photos by People.




You can double click on a photo to view it in more detail - from here you can manipulate the photo using the toolbar across the top of the screen which gives you access to Zoom, Rotate, Edit image, Draw, Delete, Print, Resize, Slideshow and much more.


You can use the filmstrip across the bottom of the screen to navigate through other photos in the particular folder, collection, or album. You can also use the filmstrip to select and view multiple images on screen at a time




From the Edit image option in the toolbar you can access tools to Crop & rotate, apply Filters, and make Adjustments (such as red eye, spot / blemish fix, colour balance and brightness)




You can also create your own movies using your photos and adding music, filters, titles, 3D effects etc.


To access the Video Editor click the button at the top of the screen which can sometimes on smaller screens appear under the More . . . drop down.




You start by clicking the New video project button, you can also click the . . . button to Import backup, or choose Make a video for me.




If you chose New video project then you will be asked to name your video and will then be taken to the main editing page where you can firstly + Add photos to the project library. You can then drag photos to the time line and start to add Text, Motion, 3D effects, Filters, Background music and Custom audio.





If you chose Make a video for me then you will first be asked to select photos that you want included and you can then click Create.




You will then be asked to name your video and it will automatically create it for you.  You can now click Finish video or Edit video.





Sticky Notes


Sticky Notes are electronic Post-It Notes which you can add to your desktop and use for any purpose such as shopping lists and reminders.




You can change the colour of your note, Delete your note and open the Notes list by clicking the . . . icon in the top corner as shown below:-




And you can format your notes using the toolbar at the bottom, which has icons for Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Lists and inserting images.




You can add, close, delete and search your notes with the Notes list, as well as accessing account sync settings.




If you have a Microsoft Account then you can also access you notes on the web (, and via the OneNote app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device




Your Phone


A very handy app for users who also have Android phones, it allows you to access your phone from your PC.  You can view and reply to text messages, receive and manage your phones notifications, make and retrieve calls, and view / download photos.  On some phone modelss you can also use your phone apps directly on the computer and drag/drop files from/to the phone/computer.






Contains lots of useful tips on using Windows 11.




Get Started


Guides to help you get started using Windows 11.







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