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Windows 7 contains several troubleshooting packs which allow you to automatically troubleshoot and fix common computer problems such as internet access, printer and audio issues etc


They can be accessed through Action Center, or clicking the Troubleshooting icon in Control Panel




You can also click Get help from a friend to either request help via remote assistance (allows a user to connect remotely to your computer - please be reminded that for security reasons you should only ever allow someone you know to access your computer remotely) or to run Problem Steps Recorder which allows you to record your actions and to send the resulting information to a support person or friend so they can see exactly what you are doing and what error you are getting so they can help you further






Simply click Start Record and repeat the actions that you were having problems with, when finished click Stop Record and it will prompt you to save the recorded steps so you can then email this file to a friend or support person


You can also click Add Comment during recording to highlight a certain area of the screen and enter relevant notes to explain a point in detail

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