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The Ribbon contains most of the features you will use when creating a spreadsheet, The Ribbon is organized into different tabs, each tab contains features relevant to that tab




The Home tab contains all the items you will use the most when creating a spreadsheet such as font styles, font sizes, paragraph styles, cell alignment and formatting as well as basic tools such as cut, copy and paste, find/replace and insert/delete cells




The Insert tab contains options to insert charts, tables, pictures, drawings as well as page breaks, headers/footers and other elements such as date/time, signatures etc




The Page Layout tab contains options to alter page size, margins and general layout settings for items on the page




The Formulas tab has all the options relating to working with and manipulating the data in your spreadsheet using functions and formulas




The Data tab has tools to work with data from external sources and to sort and group data




The Review tab contains items to proof (spellcheck etc) your document as well as tracking changes and protecting your workbook




The View tab contains options for changing the current view, zooming in/out, arranging windows and working with Macros

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