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If you see a message similar to the one below when trying to install new software or when trying to run programs such as TeamViewer to allow remote access then follow the steps below to enable all apps to run correctly




On the message showing on your screen click "Change my app recommendation settings" as shown highlighted in red above


On the screen which then appears click the drop down arrow (as shown circled in red below) and make sure "Anywhere" is selected


Close Settings by clicking the X in the top right corner


You should now be able to run or install the program you were having problems installing initially





N.B. You can also access these settings via Start > Settings > Apps  (Windows 10) - OR - Start > Settings > Apps > Advanced app settings (Windows 11)


N.B. If you can't see "Choose where to get apps" then this means your are running Windows 10 or 11 S Mode and you will need to get the computer out of S Mode via the Microsoft Store first, please ask me for advice on this step or follow the instructions here.


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