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There are several ways in Windows 8 to switch between open applications:-


Switch List (for Windows Store Apps)


There are three different ways to access the switch list (shown below):-


1.Move your mouse to the top left hand corner and then move down (if you just move to the top corner you can quickly access the last used application)


2.If using a tablet swipe in from the left hand side and then back out again


3.Press the Windows + Tab keys together


From here you can select which application to switch to, or right mouse click on an application in the list to close it





You can also switch between apps in the same way as with previous version of Windows by pressing the Alt+Tab to cycle through all running programs


Desktop Mode


If you are using the desktop mode then you can switch between applications in the usual way by clicking the relevant program in the taskbar at the bottom


Tablets and Touchscreen Devices


If using a tablet you can also swipe in from the left to switch to the last used application


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