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Windows 8 has a completely redesigned user interface, it uses a new tile-based start screen which replaces the traditional start menu that was used in previous versions of Windows


When you first turn on your computer this is the screen you will be presented with (after you log-in if you have a password) - from here you can launch your applications, change settings or access the traditional desktop view


Each tile shown represents a different application and will show relevant information such as weather forecasts, number of unread emails etc


If you have recently installed any new programs then a notification will appear down the bottom left hand corner telling you how many new applications have been installed - and these will be shown with "New" next to them on the Apps screen


Clicking on (or touching) the tile will open up the chosen application which now runs full-screen to make full use of all screen space




To navigate this screen you can click the slider at the bottom to move left/right, or if you have a touch enabled device you can swipe from side to side

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