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As well as being able to secure your computer using a password as with previous version of Windows - you can also use a new feature called Picture Password


This feature is mainly designed to be used with tablets and other touch screen devices - but it does also work perfectly fine with a mouse


To enable this feature choose Accounts > Sign-in options in PC Settings, then click Add (as shown below)



If you already have an existing password you will be asked to confirm it to proceed to the next step




Now you can click choose picture to select a picture to use for your password



Position your picture how you want it and then click Use this picture to continue


You can now draw three gestures on your photo using any combination of taps, straight lines or drawing a circle - the size, position and direction of your gestures make up your new picture password


Repeat the three gestures to complete the picture password setup


Now each time you turn on your computer you can use these three gestures to access your computer instead of typing in a password

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