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This is the new area to change common settings in the Windows 8 interface, and contains settings for most items that a home user would need to change




The table below explains what can be changed in each section under PC Settings - highlighted items are explained in further detail in relevant sections:-


Personalize >

This first screen contains shortcuts to Lock screen, Account picture and Picture password settings, and also allows you to view recently used settings

PC and devices >

Lock screen

Change your lock screen picture or enable slideshow

Configure what apps display information on the lock screen

Enable/disable camera access from lock screen


Change screen resolution and orientation


Turn bluetooth on/off and manage bluetooth devices


View connected devices and add/remove existing devices

Mouse and touchpad

Change mouse/touchpad settings - you can change mouse buttons here if left handed


Spell check settings

Corners and edges

Configure app switching and corner navigation settings

Power and sleep

Change power saving settings


Choose what happens when you insert a memory card or plug in a removable drive

Disk space

Shows details on disk space used and what apps are using the most space

PC info

Show information about your PC such as processor type, installed RAM, Windows version etc

Accounts >

Your account

Change your user account settings

Choose a picture for your user account

options

Change password settings

Configure picture password or PIN

Other accounts

Create or manage other accounts on this computer

OneDrive >

File storage

See how much free space you have in your OneDrive account

Choose whether to save documents to OneDrive by default

Camera roll

Choose whether to automatically upload photos taken with camera to OneDrive and choose upload quality

Sync settings

Choose what settings to sync between your devices

Metered connections

Change settings for how OneDrive uses your connection if your bandwidth/speed is limited

Search and apps >


Clear search history

Choose whether to search online

Change SafeSearch settings


Configure which apps to use for sharing


Choose how notifications are shown and whether to use audible notifications

Setup quiet hours so notifications don't disturb you during certain hours

Select which apps show notifications

App sizes

See what apps are installed and how much space they take up

Remove any unused applications


Choose default applications for web, email, music/video players, photo viewing, calendar etc

Privacy >


Configure privacy settings


Choose which applications can use your location


Choose which applications can access your webcam


Choose which applications can access your microphone

Other devices

Choose which applications can use other devices you have connected

Network >


Manage network, wireless and internet connections

Airplane mode

Turn off all wireless devices (wi-fi, bluetooth etc) for use in-flight or in other restricted areas


Configure proxy server settings


Setup/Join a HomeGroup

Change HomeGroup settings


Change workplace device management settings

Time and Language >

Date and time

Change date, time and timezone settings

Region and language

Choose language and keyboard settings

Ease of Access >


Configure screen reader settings


Choose to magnify items on screen to make them easier to read

High contrast

Change to a high contrast colour scheme


Enable on screen keyboard

Enable sticky keys, toggle keys or filter keys


Change pointer size/colour

Other options

Turn on/off animations

Enable/disable Windows background

Choose how long notifications are shown for

Update and recovery >

Windows update

See what updates are available for Windows and other installed Microsoft software

Change automatic update settings

File history

Configure file history backup settings


PC recovery and advanced start-up options


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