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08/07/21 - "Insider Preview" Updated


Today a new updated preview version was released, this fixes multiple issues including some I had reported along with adding several new features such as a new search box on the start menu - images on "What's New in Windows 11" page update to reflect changes.


28/06/21 - First "Insider Preview" Release


Today the first "Insider Preview" version of Windows 11 was released to developers and IT professionals so they could start to test and evaluate the future of Windows.


I will be updating this and the "What's New in Windows 11" pages regularly over the coming weeks / months to give you an overview of all that is new with Windows 11.


And then as we get closer to release I will add more detailed guides for each aspect of Windows 11.


24/06/21 - Windows 11 Launch Event


Today Microsoft announced that a brand new version of Windows will be arriving later this year.


Yes, you read that correctly, despite years of Microsoft telling consumers and partners like myself that they would not release a new version of Windows, and that Windows 10 would continue to evolve and be updated twice a year they have now changed their minds....


Windows 11 will be coming later this year......



It will be a free upgrade for existing Windows 10 users BUT it has different hardware requirements than Windows 10 so will not run on some older machines, I will provide more details of these requirements at a later date.



Below is the introduction video from the launch event.



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