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27/01/22 - Windows 11 Upgrade


All the initial issues I experienced with Windows 11 now seem to have been resolved and all the computers I have upgraded for my own use and for customers are working fine, therefore for those of you who wish to upgrade then I would now consider it safe to do so.


As to whether you can or should upgrade I have summarized the main points below, all of which are explained in further detail in previous posts:-


oIt is personal choice, you don't have to upgrade and can stay with Windows 10 if you prefer - Windows 10 will continue to be supported until October 14th 2025 anyway

oThe upgrade from compatible versions of Windows 10 is FREE

oNot all Windows 10 computers will be eligible based on compatibility - see section below for more details - for those customers who have had PC Health Checks recently I have checked compatibility and details will appear in your report

oWindows 11 doesn't feature anything that makes the upgrade from Windows 10 essential, yes it has a newly designed user interface but underneath it is still very much like Windows 10


If you computer is compatible and the update is available for you then you should start to see an icon down the bottom right corner near the clock as shown below.




If you double click this icon it will open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update where you can then click Download and install to being the automatic update process, or if you no longer wish to be prompted to upgrade you can click Stay on Windows 10 for now.


Once the update has been downloaded (which can take some time on slower internet connections) then installation will begin and the computer will restart, after the update has installed you will be asked some of the questions as covered in the initial setup guide.




05/10/21 - Windows 11 Released


Windows 11 has been released today.


As covered in more detail below the upgrade will be offered to all Windows 10 users in a phased roll-out between now and mid 2022, the upgrade is optional so you can if you wish stay on Windows 10.


Lots of customers have asked me should I upgrade immediately it becomes available to me or should I wait, well the answer to this depends on your requirements.  If you have just purchased a brand new computer which will be offered the update quite quickly then there is no reason not to consider upgrading, but for existing Windows 10 users the one point to keep in mind - "Is there anything in this latest version of Windows that makes the leap from Windows 10 essential" and the answer to that is NO.  Yes it has a brand new interface and some new features as covered in my guides and What's New section, but at the end of the day it is still very much like Windows 10 "under the hood" so only upgrade if you like to keep up-to-date or want to make use of some of these new features, if not then at least initially whilst any bugs are ironed out I would stick with what you know.


23/09/21 - Upgrading to Windows 11 and Hardware Requirements




You DON'T have to upgrade to Windows 11, it is totally optional, and as below not all devices will be supported anyway, but not to worry Windows 10 will continue to be supported and updated until October 14th 2025.


IF you want to upgrade and your device is compatible then the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will be FREE.


When Windows 11 is released on 5th October the upgrade roll-out will be phased. That means firstly new devices will be offered the upgrade, then overtime the upgrade will roll-out to all eligible machines that meet the new hardware requirements, this roll-out will take into account reliability metrics, age of device and other factors that could impact the upgrade to ensure that Microsoft are providing you with the best possible experience. It is expected that all eligible devices will be offered the free upgrade by mid 2022. If you have a Windows 10 PC that’s eligible for the upgrade, Windows Update will let you know when it’s available or you can check manually as follows - Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > click Check for Updates, if available, you'll see Feature update to Windows 11. Click Download and install.


Hardware Requirements


Compared to Windows 10 the hardware requirements for Windows 11 have changed considerably, this means that a lot of older and lower specification machines will not be eligible to upgrade.


Below is a list of these requirements and my comments:-


UEFI / Secure Boot

This will rule out a lot of older machines that won't support this, but most newer machines feature this as standard.

TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 security chip present and enabled

This requirement is all about making the computer as secure as possible, again this will rule out a lot of older machines (pre 2014), but also a lot of machines since then which were cheaper / lower spec wouldn't have come with one fitted, and since it is a chip that is often soldered on the main circuit board (motherboard) it is not possible in a lot of cases to fit one to existing boards, in fact a lot of boards do not even have the required socket for one to be fitted.  


Good specification machines released in last 5 years should be fine.

Processor (CPU) - 1 Ghz+, 2+ Cores, 64-bit, on supported list

In reality this rules out most Intel processors released before mid 2017 and AMD processors released before April 2018.

System Memory (RAM) - 4Gb minimum

This will rule out a lot of cheaper / lower spec models which only came with 2Gb RAM - for some it may be possible to upgrade the RAM but this will depend on the other specs of the machine as to whether this will be worth doing.

System drive has to be 64Gb or larger

This will only rule out a small number of cheap computers which came with very small SSD drives.

Graphics card must be compatible with DirectX 12 and use a WDDM 2.0 driver

Should only affect some older computers which were made pre 2014.

Display larger than 9"

Shouldn't affect too many people as not many devices were sold with screens less than 9".


So, in summary any good specification machine bought in the last 3 years should easily meet all these criteria, anything older than that which was a lower spec or cheaper model probably wouldn't be worth upgrading anyway as you won't get the benefits of the new OS.


Microsoft have provided a free tool you can download, install, and run to check whether your computer will be compatible, or just ask me and I will let you know from past PC Health Check results and/or by connecting in remotely whether your computer is compatible or not.


22/09/21 - Quick Reference Guides


The Windows 11 Quick Reference Guides are now complete and contain a lot of information on using and getting the most out of Windows 11 and will also help you decide if you wish to upgrade or not.


31/08/21 - Release Date


Microsoft have today announced that Windows 11 will be released on the 5th October 2021.  


On this day it will be available on new hardware and will begin its roll out to existing Windows 10 customers who wish to upgrade, the upgrade roll-out will be staggered and is expected to run between 5th October 2021 and Mid 2022, so some people will have to wait before they can upgrade.


I will continue to update these pages with news and will continue to test each new preview version as it is released.


27/08/21 - "Insider Preview" Updates


Since my last post Microsoft have released several updates to the preview version of Windows 11 and I am now running this on my main computer so that I can closely follow all changes and update this website as and when anything major changes, at the moment most of the new releases are just fixing bugs and making minor tweaks, nothing so far that is noteworthy.


08/07/21 - "Insider Preview" Updated


Today a new updated preview version was released, this fixes multiple issues including some I had reported along with adding several new features such as a new search box on the start menu - images on "What's New in Windows 11" page update to reflect changes.


28/06/21 - First "Insider Preview" Release


Today the first "Insider Preview" version of Windows 11 was released to developers and IT professionals so they could start to test and evaluate the future of Windows.


I will be updating this and the "What's New in Windows 11" pages regularly over the coming weeks / months to give you an overview of all that is new with Windows 11.


And then as we get closer to release I will add more detailed guides for each aspect of Windows 11.


24/06/21 - Windows 11 Launch Event


Today Microsoft announced that a brand new version of Windows will be arriving later this year.


Yes, you read that correctly, despite years of Microsoft telling consumers and partners like myself that they would not release a new version of Windows, and that Windows 10 would continue to evolve and be updated twice a year they have now changed their minds....


Windows 11 will be coming later this year......



It will be a free upgrade for existing Windows 10 users BUT it has different hardware requirements than Windows 10 so will not run on some older machines, I will provide more details of these requirements at a later date.



Below is the introduction video from the launch event.



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