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N.B. Please note that an improved version of Microsoft Edge was released in January 2020 and this legacy version was retired in March 2021 so this section is now obsolete - click here to view new guide for updated version






Back/Forward Buttons

Use these buttons to navigate backwards and forwards through recently viewed web pages



Allows you to have multiple websites open at a time and easily switch between them by clicking the relevant tab


You can click the + icon to open a new tab


Reading View

This changes the layout of compatible websites to make them easier to read by removing all unneeded content and just showing you the relevant article/news story etc


Add to Favorites / Reading List

Allows you to add current website to your favorites list or to add it to your reading list to read later



Access Favorites, Reading List, History and Downloads


You can also import Favorites from Internet Explorer here


Make a web note

This allows you to draw, make notes and highlight areas on a web page - particularly useful on a tablet or touchscreen device - you can then save your notes or share them via email or OneNote



Allows you to share the current page via email or OneNote


More actions

Here you will find a menu containing actions such as print, find, zoom and settings (see below for more details on settings)


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