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When you launch Outlook 2013 for the first time you will be asked if you wish to setup a new email account




If the setup wizard does not appear or you wish to add an account manually then click File > Info > Add Account


The wizard as shown below will then guide you through the process of adding your new email account to Outlook


1) Firstly enter your name, email address and password and in most cases Outlook will automatically detect all the settings required and configure your email account




2) If Outlook cannot automatically detect your settings (or if you choose manual setup above) you will be asked to choose which type of email account you wish to add


In most cases you would select POP or IMAP, unless you are connecting to a work email account in which case it would be Microsoft Exchange Server




3) You will then be asked to enter you name, email address, password and the settings for your incoming and outgoing mail server - settings for some of the most popular email/internet providers can be found here




4) Outlook will then test the connection, detect settings (if not entered above) and then send a test email


Once this is done a successfully configured message will appear and you can click Finish to complete or Add another account




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