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If you have a password set on your computer, then the first screen you will see is the lock screen


This screen shows a chosen background picture (or slideshow of your pictures) along with the date/time, status of your internet/network connection, battery level (if using a laptop/tablet) and can also include other notifications such as calendar alerts, emails, skype calls (which you can answer from the lock screen) and alarms - all these options can be configured in the Lock Screen section of PC Settings



To access your computer click anywhere on the screen, press the spacebar, or swipe upwards if using a tablet and you will then be presented with the log-in screen, where you can enter your password


If you have a device with a camera then you can swipe downwards on the lock screen to use it without having to log-in first


This screen also contains buttons for Ease of Access options ease_of_access_button_win8 and to Shut down or Restart your computer shutdown_button_win8




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