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Displays Windows Help and Support

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 058_C_Win_Black

Copy the selected item

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 057_X_Win_Black

Cut the selected item

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 059_V_Win_Black

Paste the selected item

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 056_Z_Win_Black

Undo the last action you did


Deletes the selected item


Rename selected item

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 087_Right_Arrow_Win_Black

Moves cursor to beginning of next word

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 085_Left_Arrow_Win_Black

Moves cursor to beginning of previous word

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 043_A_Win_Black

Selects all items in current document or window

069_Left_Alt_Win_Black + 028_Tab_Win_Black

Switch between open windows

069_Left_Alt_Win_Black + 001_Esc_Win_Black

Make each open window active in turn

069_Left_Alt_Win_Black + 005_F4_Win_Black

Closes Windows 8 (full screen) app OR if on desktop screen shows shutdown options


Refresh the active window

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 055_Left_Shift_Win_Black + 001_Esc_Win_Black

Opens Task Manager

067_Left_Ctrl_Win_Black + 055_Left_Shift_Win_Black + 061_N_Win_Black

Create a new folder

080_Page_Up_Win_Black / 083_Page_Down_Win_Black

Scroll left/right on Start Screen


Show Window 8 Start Screen

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 060_B_Win_Black

Move focus to notification tray

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 058_C_Win_Black

Show charms bar

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 045_D_Win_Black

Show windows desktop - and if already on desktop minimizes/restores all windows

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 031_E_Win_Black

Launch File Explorer

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 046_F_Win_Black

Open Search pane in the charms bar (for Files)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 048_H_Win_Black

Open Share pane in the charms bar

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 036_I_Win_Black

Open Settings pane in the charms bar

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 050_K_Win_Black

Open Devices pane in the charms bar

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 051_L_Win_Black

Lock your computer or switch users

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 062_M_Win_Black

Minimize all open windows

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 037_O_Win_Black

Locks device orientation - mainly used for tablets to stop automatic screen rotation when you rotate the device

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 038_P_Win_Black

Switch between available displays (Second Screen, Projector etc)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 029_Q_Win_Black

Open Search pane in the charms bar (for Apps)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 032_R_Win_Black

Shows run dialog box

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 033_T_Win_Black

Cycle through taskbar icons

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 035_U_Win_Black

Open Ease of Access Center

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 030_W_Win_Black

Open Search pane in the charms bar (for Settings)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 057_X_Win_Black

Open Power User Menu (desktop) or Windows Mobility Center (laptop/tablet)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 056_Z_Win_Black

Open Options/Settings dialog when running a Windows 8 App

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 084_Up_Arrow_Win_Black

Maximize current window - same as dragging window to top of screen (Aero Snap)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 086_Down_Arrow_Win_Black

Restore current window to previous size - same as dragging windows away from top of screen (Aero Snap)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 085_Left_Arrow_Win_Black / 087_Right_Arrow_Win_Black

Docks active window to left or right of screen - handy to place two windows side by side to move or compare contents

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 070_Spacebar_Win_Black

Switch input language and keyboard layout

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 102_Numpad_Enter_Win_Black

Launch Narrator


068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 064_Period_Win_Black + 085_Left_Arrow_Win_Black / 087_Right_Arrow_Win_Black

Snap Windows 8 style app to left or right side of the screen (Windows 8 Snap)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 063_Comma_Win_Black

Makes all open windows transparent so you can see desktop whilst keys held down (Aero Peek)

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 028_Tab_Win_Black

Open switch list - so you can switch between open Windows 8 style apps

068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 075_Print_Screen_Win_Black

Takes a snap of the current screen and saves it in a Screenshots sub-folder in your Pictures folder

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