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These guides are based on Windows 8.1 with update 1 installed, so please make sure you install these free updates as per instructions below


The Windows 8.1 update was released In October 203 to fix and improve many of the areas which customers were unhappy about with Windows 8


In April 2014 Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update 1, which added more new features mostly for those using Windows 8 without a touchscreen, to make it easier to navigate


A brief summary of all the changes in these updates can be found below the update installation instructions


How to Install Windows 8.1 Update


1)  To install the Windows 8.1 update, firstly open the Windows Store by clicking the icon (shown below) on the Start Screen



2)  You should then see the message below appear offering the free update to Windows.81 - click anywhere on that message to proceed




3)  The screen below will appear telling you more about the 8.1 update - click on Download to proceed


N.B. If the screen below does not appear then make sure you have installed all recent Windows Updates - especially Update for Windows 8 (KB2871389) and restarted your computer




4)  Windows will then start to download the update


It is a very large update and will take some time to download (especially if you have a slow internet connection) - nut you can continue using your computer as normal whilst you wait for the update to download


If you have any other apps that need updating then they will also appear on this screen




5)  When the update has downloaded and is ready to install you will see one of the prompts below - at this point you need to restart your computer for the upgrade to continue






6)  The upgrade to Windows 8.1 will then start to install - during this time the computer will restart several times - and you will see the installation progress (as below)




7)  Once the update has finished installing you will be asked to accept the licence terms for Windows 8.1 - click I accept




8)  You will then be asked to confirm some settings - I recommend choosing Use express settings




9)  You will then be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account, see here for more details on this - if you don't have one you can click Create a new account


If you don't use a Microsoft account to access your PC, and want to continue using a Local account as you did before the upgrade, then turn off your internet connection / router, click the back arrow, then click Use express settings again and setup will then continue skipping this stage




10)  A few final update tasks will then be performed, and your upgrade to Windows 8.1 will be complete




10)  Windows Update will then automatically download and install Update 1 for Windows 8.1 for you - to do it manually open Windows Update from PC Settings or the Control Panel


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