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HomeGroup is a feature of Windows 8 to make it easier to share documents, printers etc between all the computers in your home


On your main computer you firstly create a new HomeGroup, and then on all your other computers you will then be able to join that HomeGroup


To access HomeGroup either go to Network and Internet > HomeGroup in the Control Panel, or choose Network > HomeGroup from the PC Settings page





Creating a HomeGroup


Click Create a homegroup or Create and a wizard will guide you through asking you which items you wish to share - once you have chosen click Next to continue






You will then be shown your password which you will need to join other computers to this HomeGroup





Joining a HomeGroup


Note: Computers must be running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to join a homegroup, it will not work with Windows Vista or Windows XP


To join an existing HomeGroup click Join now or Join - entering the password when prompted






Leaving a HomeGroup


To leave a HomeGroup click Leave the homegroup or Leave






You will then receive a confirmation as below to make sure you wish to leave the homegroup - choose the top option




Accessing Shared HomeGroup Files


To access files on other computers within your HomeGroup - open File Explorer and all computers/shared folders within your HomeGroup will appear in the left hand column as highlighted below




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