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If Word closes unexpectedly or you forget to save your document you can now recover these documents:-


Normally the next time you start Word a message will appear in the top left hand corner saying Word has recovered files you may wish to keep



Click Show Recovered Files and the Document Recovery pane will appear listing all documents which were open when Word crashed, you can choose to Open, Save As or Delete any of the files listed




If this pane does not appear then you can recover the files manually as below:-


1.Click the File menu to open the Backstage View

2.Click Info

3.Click Manage Versions

4.Choose Recover Draft Versions from the drop-down menu






1.Click the File menu to open the Backstage View

2.Click Recent

3.Click Recover Unsaved Documents




In both cases you can then open and view any of the draft documents listed




You can also revert back to a previous version of a file in the same way, by choosing your file in the Versions list

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