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System and Maintenance

Back up and restore files and system settings, view RAM and processor speed, check performance, update software and drivers, and more


View and change security status, check firewall, update your computer, scan for malicious or unwanted software, change Internet security, and more

Network and Internet

Check network status and change settings, set preferences for sharing files and computers, configure Internet, and more

Hardware and Sound

Add or remove printers and other hardware, change system sounds, play CDs automatically, view scanners and cameras, update device drivers, and more


Uninstall programs or Windows features, scan for Spyware, uninstall gadgets, and more

User Accounts and Family Safety

Change user account settings and passwords, and setup parental controls

Appearance and Personalization

Change the appearance of desktop items, apply a theme or screen saver to your computer, or customize the Start menu and taskbar

Clock, Language, and Region

Change the date, time, and timezone for your computer, the language to use, and the way numbers, currencies, dates, and times are displayed

Ease of Access

Adjust your computer settings for vision, hearing, and mobility, and use speech recognition to control your computer with voice commands

Additional Options

Change settings for other control panel items, often contains settings for any additional software or hardware installed

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