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There are also several contextual tabs that only appear when performing specific tasks, the main ones are summarized below:-




The Drawing Tools - Format tab appears when you are performing any graphical functions such as inserting drawings and provides various tools to create graphics, change colours, styles and positioning of items




The Picture Tools - Format tab appears when you click on an image in your document and allows you to edit it by way of cropping, colour correction, artistic effects and altering its position




The Table Tools - Design and Layout tabs appear when inserting and working with table elements and provides tools to change and configure the table style and layout




The Ink Tools - Pens tab appears when you choose Start Inking on the Review tab and gives access to pen settings, colour and line thickness




The SmartArt Tools - Design and Format tabs appear when you are editing a SmartArt graphic you inserted via the Insert ribbon




The Chart Tools - Design and Format tabs appear when you insert a Chart into your document and allow you to further customize it




The Header & Footer Tools - Design tab appears when you are inserting or editing the header/footer in your document




The Equation Tools - Design tab appears when working with equations in your document and allows you to insert symbols and change the equation structure

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