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To verify your email server settings are correct on your Android device follow the steps below, this is handy to know if your provider contacts you saying that the settings are changing or that they have maybe detected you are still using old settings:


1)Go to your email app and click the hamburger menu (3 dots icon) and the select settings (usually appears as a cog icon)


2)This will then display your email accounts, select your chosen email account


3)Scroll down to the bottom and select server settings


4)Compare settings against those provided to you by your ISP


5)Click Done when completed



The above steps will vary depending upon the make / model of your device and what app you use to access your emails, however on most Android devices you can also do the below to see a list of all accounts configured on the device:


Settings > Accounts -or- Settings > Accounts > Manage accounts - then select the account you wish to check / change from the list

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