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To help ensure you don't lose your files, you should back them up regularly, with Windows 7 you can do this quickly and easily using the built in backup tools to schedule automatic backups or to manually back up your files at any time


Windows Backup and Restore can be accessed through the Control Panel, under the System and Security section


From here you can modify the settings of an existing backup or click Set up backup to configure a new backup schedule


You can also Create a system image (a complete backup of your entire computer including Windows and all installed programs - which is useful if your computer fails completely) or a system repair disc (which can be used to boot your computer if problems occur and contains system recovery tools which can help repair your system or restore from a system image)


Most computers will either come with a recovery DVD or will prompt you to create one when you first start using the PC - it is recommended that you do this immediately as without this recovery media or a system image (as above) repair of your computer could be difficult or impossible




When setting up a new backup, it will first of all ask you where you would like to backup your files, best choice is either an external hard disk or CD/DVD, you can then either let Windows choose what to backup or you can specify files/folders yourself



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