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AVG can display various alerts, here is more details and information on how to deal with the most common:-





If you see the above message then you need to set your network to trusted:-


1)Click the green 'Open Firewall' button

2)Ensure My Current Network is showing as connected to the expected wireless network e.g. the name of your wireless router

3)If yes then click 'I trust this network'

4)Click Close


N.B. You can also access the settings via Web & Email > Firewall (Open)



If you see this message it means that there is a brand new version of AVG released that you need to install - simply click Update Now and it will do it automatically for you





These messages often occurs after the above one and means you need to restart the computer so it can finishing update AVG to the latest version - simply click Restart Now



You will see this message if a threat is found and secured



You will see this pop-up if you try to run a program than AVG is not familiar with, mostly happens with less common programs that are not already in the AVG database


It will complete a quick 15 second scan on the program before allowing you to access it, to make sure it doesn't contain any malware


When it has finished checking you will see the confirmation message show in the second image



If an unknown application tries to access, change or delete files in one of your protected folders e.g. Documents, Pictures - then you will see this pop-up asking you to confirm if you would like to Allow App or Block App


This is part of the ransomware protection included in AVG Internet Security to prevent any virus or malware deleting, changing or potentially encrypting your data


You can click See details to see more information about the program trying to access your files (as shown in second image)


If you know the program or you have initiated the action then you can click Allow App and you will then see the third image to confirm this action


If you don't recognize the program than click Block App so no changes can be made to your data



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