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What's New in Windows 10 November 2019 Update (1909)

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Below is a brief summary of all the changes (of which there are not many!) coming to Windows 10 in the "November 2019 Update" version 1909 which was finally released on 12 November after initially being delayed (and renamed)


As with the previous release, most of the improvements are under the hood relating to performance and reliability, there are not many other changes at all, but those of note are covered below


Like previous major updates to Windows 10 it will be released in waves so not everyone will receive it at the same time, so it may be several weeks/months before your computer automatically updates to this new edition


N.B. For the first few weeks it will be an 'optional' update which you can choose to install via Windows Settings, after that short testing period it will then start to install automatically on all devices



If you are offered this new version in the first few weeks of release then my advice would be to postpone it for the first few weeks to allow for any initial problems to be resolved before you go ahead and upgrade, as with the previous releases there were quite a few initial teething issues which did cause some problems to customers who chose to upgrade immediately