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Below are various troubleshooting steps and information on common problems you may experience:-


When turning on the Android logo appears and nothing appears to be happening


This is quite common after installing a large system update, it is still installing but just doesn't show progress or make it clear what is happening


DO NOT turn off but just leave the device for a while and eventually it will finish installing the update and take you to the home screen - this can sometimes (especially on slower devices) take quite a while


Performing Soft Reset


This is the first thing to try if you are having problems with your Android device, and is basically the same as restarting your computer if you are a Windows user


To soft reset:-


Press and hold the power button the side of your device until a menu appears on screen similar to below


From this menu tap and click on Restart




Performing Hard Reset


A hard reset (or format) is when you reset your device back to factory settings removing all data and apps - this is usually a last resort if no other troubleshooting steps will fix the problem OR if you are getting rid of the device and want to make sure all your data is removed first


To complete a hard reset:-


Firstly open the Settings app either by clicking the Apps button at bottom of screen and then choosing Settings OR swipe down from the top of the screen and click the settings icon (both methods shown below)




Then scroll down to Backup & reset




Next click on Factory data reset




Finally click on Reset Tablet or Reset Phone


N.B. Remember doing this will completely wipe ALL data from your device