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Applies Font - Drop down list shows the range of fonts installed on your computer, you can then select the font you wish to use

Applies Font Size - Choose a size for your fonts

New  - Creates a new blank spreadsheet

Open - Open a spreadsheet

Save - Save a spreadsheet

Print - Allows you to print your spreadsheet

Print Preview - Enables you to see a preview of what your spreadsheet will look like if it was printed

Cut - Remove a selection to the clipboard

Copy - Copy selected objects to the clipboard

Paste - Paste the selection from the clipboard to a new place of your choice

B - Used to make your text Bold

I - Used to make your text Italic

U - Used to Underline your text

Align Left - Highlight your cell and click on this to align it left

Center Align - Highlight your cell and click on this to centre it

Right Align - Highlight your cell and click on this to right align

AutoSum - Allows you to add formulas to your spreadsheet

Currency - Converts selected cells to default currency

Easy Calc - Provides a user friendly wizard walking you step by step through creating a formula

New Chart - Wizard that allows you to create a chart to show your figures in graphical form i.e. bar chart, pie chart

Task Pane - Shows/hides task pane

Works Help - Enables you to get help on various aspects of the spreadsheet program